What is “Osakan Space”? Coworking Space in Osaka Japan.

What is “Osakan Space”? Coworking Space in Osaka Japan.

Osakan Space is a co-working space in Osaka, Japan that is equipped with free power and Wifi. We offer a fun and liberating working experience for people who want to learn and grow among others within a shared space.

Osakan Space is a co-working office space located in the heart of Osaka’s business district, where members can work alongside like-minded individuals in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. We aim to provide a warm environment where you can make important connections that will enhance your social and professional life, whilst being supported by your co-workers, friends and family.

Osakan Space とは、電源とWi-Fiなどを完備したコワーキングスペース (共に働く場所)です。

We are open between 10:00 and 18:00.

Please let us know in advance if you would like to come and use our space by messaging us. There are certain hours of the day when our staff will not be on duty. (Message Osakan Space)

1Day pass:  2,000yen
2Week pass: 8,000yen(+tax 8%)
1Month pass: 10,000yen(+tax 8%)

営業時間: 10:00 ~ 18:00
スタッフが働いていない時間もあるため、Osakan Space を使用しに来られるときは、事前に予約してからお越し下さい。(Osakan Spaceへの連絡)
一日パス: 2,000円
一ヶ月パス: 10,000円(税抜)


Each month, members organize many accessible and fun events such as potluck parties, photography workshops and IT seminars. In addition, we supply members with various equipment and facilities such as scanners, fax machines, printers, desktop computers, wifi, 3D printers, refrigerators, coffee machines, and snacks. In addition to members who join us from within Japan, we welcome people of diverse cultures and countries from all around the world to come and join our community on a long-term or short-term basis.


また、wifi、プリンター、デスクトップコンピューター、そして 3Dプリンターに加え、コーヒーメーカーや冷蔵庫など、たくさんの設備や機械をご自由に使用していただけます。



Why use Osakan Space?


  • We offer a quiet, relaxed atmosphere for people who find it difficult to concentrate at home due to noise, space constrictions, or small children.
  • We create a collaborative environment where workers can work along side each others’ company and offer input whilst concentrating on their individual projects.
  • We bring together like-minded people who generate a stimulating environment to enhance and accelerate their own businesses.
  • We offer a space that can be used to study or prepare a project outside of one’s regular work place.

  • 自宅では集中しづらい・小さい子供がいる・うるさい、などの理由から、静かでリラックスしながら仕事できるスペースが欲しい、という人のために。
  • 自分のタスクにかかりながらも、他の人と相談しながら仕事をしたいという人のために。
  • 同じ考えを持つ人と共に働き、自分のビジネスを発展させたいという人のために。
  • 会社以外での、落ち着いて勉強できる空間が欲しい、起業準備をしたい、という人のために。

A Message from Hiroko, CEO of Osakan Space

オオサカンスペース 大崎弘子

A lot of non-Japanese individuals from all over the world have come and joined Osakan Space. Members are warm and friendly, regardless of whether they are good at English or not. I strongly encourage you to become friends with other members, even if they are working outside of your profession.

Osakan Space 代表取締役 大崎弘子からのメッセージ
世界各国からたくさんの人々がOskan Space のメンバーになりました。英語が話せる・話せないにもかかわらず、メンバーのみなさんは温かく、フレンドリーです。自分と同じ職業の方はもちろん、全く異なる職業をしていらっしゃる方など、たくさんのメンバーさんとお友達になる事をお勧めします。

I believe Osakan space is a modern day necessity. I am happy to have created a space that allows people to   come together and inspire each other to think more creatively. I believe that entrepreneurs and other freelancers are able to benefit from the collaborative nature of this space as opposed to working alone at home or at a cafe.

私はOsakan Space が現代に欠かせない場所であると信じています。そのため、たくさんの方が集まって、自分のイマジネーションや発想を交換し合える場所をお作りできた事を大変嬉しく思っています。起業家やフリーランサーのみなさんにとって、Osakan Space のようなコラボレーションを生み出せるスペースは、自宅やカフェと比べ、たくさんの利益を得られる仕事場であると考えています。

The Layout of our Space


We have four seating areas— please feel free to sit anywhere you like.

Osakan Space のレイアウト

Concentration area

This area has 12 seats. It is for users who need a quiet space to concentrate on major tasks, tackle upcoming deadlines, or for self-paced study. We ask kindly that those using this space refrain from talking.


Co-working area

While doing your work you can enjoy spontaneous conversation and an exchange of ideas. This collaborative area is very popular with all our members and guests.


Sofa area

This area is for relaxing and contemplating. You can adjust the furniture to suit your mood.  Members or small study groups use this area for brainstorming or just casual chatting.


Dining area

You can have coffee, some snacks or a meal in this area. It is always filled with food, drink and souvenirs. It has a lively atmosphere which can stimulate discussion.


Usage Fees

Membership Plan FeeHoursDays
 1 Day pass2,000 yen
(no tax)
10:00~18:00Monday to Friday
 2 Week pass8,000 yen
(+tax 8%)
8:00~24:00Monday to Saturday
 1 Month pass10,000 yen
(+tax 8%)
8:00~24:00Monday to Saturday

2 Week/1 Month Pass

You can come and use the space freely without making a reservation. Fingerprint identification will be set on entrance. Some flexibility may be considered for people working overseas.

On your first day, please bring the following items:
– passport
– cash or credit card



Testimonials −体験談−

Ken Hu



I’ve recently spent 3 months in Osaka, travelling and working. What may have been a distant, tourist experience became much more intimate and inspiring. My secret? A coworking space named Osakan Space.

私はここ三ヶ月間大阪に滞在し、旅行をかねて仕事をしていました。遠隔でツーリストのような経験を予期していましたが、私の滞在を大いに充実させ、親密な経験にしたものがありました。それは、Osakan Space というコーワーキングスペースです。

Started by local entrepreneur Ms. Osaki (Osaki-san), it is a casual coworking space, housing more than 100 members. It offers a number of equipment and amenities including high-speed WiFi, 3D printers, couches, quiet spaces, staff assistance, even their very own Google Glass. While most members are in the tech industry, it is not exclusive. Photographers, researchers, even mangakas are found in Osakan Space, providing a diverse and creative atmosphere. There is even a resident ninja!

起業家の大崎さんによって始められたOsakan Space は、100人ほどをメンバーとするカジュアルなコーワーキングスペース。ハイスピードWiFi、3Dプリンター、ソファー、静かな環境、スタッフのアシスタンス、そしてOsakan Space 独自のGoogle グラスなどの機械や設備を備えています。ほとんどのメンバーさんがテクノロジー業界で働いていますが、専属的なスペースという訳ではありません。フォトグラファーや研究家、そして漫画家までもが集まるOsakan Space は、多様性のある、クリエイティブな空間です。忍者だって居留しているんですよ!

An Osaka native, Osaki-san has dedicated herself to promote local startups and businesses. Beyond a coworking space, Osakan Space also housed local startup events, including Startup Weekend and Shoot from Osaka(n). She took great efforts to foster a culture beyond mere acquaintanceship. Besides sharing work spaces, most members often spend lunch and off-work hours together. I was invited to events including table tennis meets, takoyaki parties, oden and nabe dinners. Along with daily self-introductions and status updates, we celebrated each others’ successes and supported each others’ challenges.

大阪のネイティブである大崎さんは、地元の起業やビジネスを助ける役割を果たして来ました。Osakan Space 以外にも、Startup Weekend や Shoot という地域の起業イベントを引っ張ってきました。また、大崎さんは「仕事仲間」という関係を超える友情をメンバーの間に立ち上げてきました。スペースのメンバーは、仕事場を共有するだけではなく、ランチや仕事以外の時間を共に過ごしています。私も、卓球会やタコ焼きパーティー、そしておでんや鍋会などのたくさんのイベントに招かれました。スペースのメンバー同士で、みんなの挑戦を応援し、成功を祝いました。

While Osaki-san is undoubtedly the heart of Osakan Space, the members share her spirit and actualize her vision. You can easily find successful and aspiring entrepreneurs sitting next to you. Many local startups, including MyISBN and Mimimiru, were born from Osakan Space. Members are also welcome to organize their own relevant events. During my stay, I’ve attended Scalar study group and tech demo day organized by the members. Surrounded by passionate entrepreneurs, it is hard not to be inspired.

A few months ago, I wrote about my Krash family in Boston. I am happy to share that I recently found myself another family in Osaka.


Sharon Yoon


I came to Osaka from the U.S. to conduct postdoctoral research on Osaka’s historic Koreatown for two years. Most of my work involves writing for several hours a day. The solitary nature of my work often makes me feel isolated even when I am in my native country. After joining Osakan Space, I feel that I have been able to write more effectively and productively due to the warm and supportive environment of the members here. I am able to discuss what I am working on with capable and talented individuals who are in vastly different industries, and as a result, approach the topic that I am working on from a fresh perspective. I feel that the space has not only provided an ideal environment conducive to achieving my personal best as a writer, but it has also allowed me to establish a network of friends who have made my time in Osaka infinitely more meaningful and enjoyable.

わたしは日本の歴史的なKorea Town についての研究を行うため、二年間を目安にアメリカからやってきました。研究の殆どの内容が何時間にもわたる書き込み作業です。独りで行う作業なので、母国にいたときも、多くの時間は研究を淋しく感じていました。しかし、オオサカンスペースのメンバーになってからは、周りの人々のサポートを受ける環境のなかで研究を進める事ができ、結果的には以前よりも効果的に物事に取りかかる事が可能になりました。また、様々な才能や考えを持つ人々と意見を交わすことで、新鮮な視点から自分のタスクに立ち向かうことが出来ました。オオサカンスペースのおかげで、私は筆者としてのベストを達成でき、さらには大阪で友人や仕事仲間のネットワークを作り上げ、今後の日本での滞在を有効的に楽しく過ごす事が出来ると思います。

Will Stewart


I’ve recently joined Osakan space after having only been in Japan for a few weeks. From the very beginning I have found the staff and tenants to be exceptionally friendly and helpful, and I was able to get up and running with my work straight away. The space is generally quiet, but there is a very warm atmosphere. A group will go for lunch every day, and you are free to join or do your own thing. There are some monitors you can use if you need to, and now even a 3d printer! There are regular social events in the evenings and presentations during the day. Overall I feel like I have landed on my feet at Osakan space, to the benefit of both my work and my social life!


Colin Watson


If you’re considering working from Japan, either remotely or independently, then you’ve already begun to step outside your comfort zone. You’re unlike the majority. You’re adventurous. Well done!

If you’re up for the next two challenges, which involves dispelling some myths, your life will be changed even more.


While it is generally true in Japan that ‘the nail which sticks out, gets hammered,’ you can also thrive by being different. You will meet, and learn from, other people who are different from what the world demands them to be.


The second myth is ‘you can’t choose your family.’ Yes, you can.

At Osakan Space you will meet, mingle, share ideas & thoughts with, share food with, nurture and be nurtured by, laugh and cry with, some of the loveliest, kindest, intelligent folks I have had the immense pleasure of knowing.



They will surprise you, exceed your expectations, look past your struggling language skills, laugh at your foreign jokes, look puzzled by your sometimes unique way of looking at life, and open their hearts to you.

If you allow yourself to be open and allow everyone else at Osakan Space into your life, you will become part of their family, and they yours.

Make sure you take advantage of this thrilling and learning experience—and try coworking at Osakan Space!




P.S. For information on what it means to develop a Fictive Kinship
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fictive_kinship) or perhaps a better term might be Nurture Kinship (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nurture_kinship).

追伸:Fictive Kinship の開発について情報を探しているなら、こちらをご覧下さい


Paul Padier


I spent three weeks working remote from Osaka, and needed a place to work that offered more than just the WiFi of your average coffeeshop. Osakan Space was just that: a comfortable, lively-yet-quiet office where I could be productive and get stuff done, as well as enjoy the company of great people working on all kinds of awesome projects. I was much more productive than I would have been staying in an apartment all day, and much less alone than I would have after three weeks in a coffeeshop. If you’re in Osaka and need a desk, come check it out!



Osakan space has provided for me the perfect working environment while abroad.


This little space is very well located and quiet with plenty of space making it possible to concentrate and acheieve your work needs. The WiFi is fast and capable of online conferencing.


But, in my opinion, what makes me want to go back is the amazing people they have as staff working there. Even if you are not fluent in Japanese,they will do their best to be kind and considerate and find every way to bridge communication gaps and help in anyway possible, making you feel at home with their great fresh made coffe for you to enjoy and even social events.


It’s difficult to find anyplace comparable to Osakan space, even in cities (For example London or Sanfrancisco)with more co-working spaces.


Don’t miss the opportunity and be sure to check it out, you won’t be disappointed.
I’m looking forward to go back to Osakan space when possible! You guys are amazing!



Google Map
Taiga building 10F
3 Chome-6-2 Bingomachi
Chuo Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture

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